Gorjan Zajkovski

Software Engineer. Technology enthusiast. Passionate about Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Music lover. Manchester United fan. Aspiring traveler.

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About me

Not your typical Software Engineer. No no, I am much more than that.

Although my position says “Software Engineer”, I am also a technology enthusiast in love with computer science and software, a future entrepreneur generating one idea after another, a tech geek interested in product management, start-ups, personal growth and marketing. I believe that Machine Learning and AI will fundamentally change the world that we live in, so I make sure I am up-to-date with everything that is going on in the Data Science and Big Data sphere, as my interests go from Smart Applications for everyday living to Recommender Systems that have a say in peoples decision making.

Professional Software Developer

4+ years experience working on innovative, custom-tailored software, ranging from Hybrid Mobile Applications, leveraging React and React Native, to backend systems built with Spring and Node, one-of-a-kind solutions involving an app which uses Bluetooth Low Energy as a means to do a money transaction, to educational platforms paving the way of the future with use of Data Mining, ML and AI. Experience working in large teams, working on platforms, up to small two-three person teams working on internal proof-of-concept ideas.

Team player

I have a great understanding and deep knowledge of key computer science concepts, no matter the technology. With a strong sense of software development best practices, I try to bring quality and new ideas into every project. Alongside my fun and sociable personality, my quest for an optimal, simple and creative solution, I believe to be a great addition to any team.

Life-long learner

I believe in the transformable power of MOOCs so I hang-around on Coursera waaay more than I should. I am a strong believer that you can learn a lot from peoples experience, so I try to use a great deal of my free time reading books from powerful people that show the way of success by telling their story. I find a great deal of motivation in sharing knowledge, so I used to hold classes for younger colleagues that had trouble with programming. Lately, I found great satisfaction in transferring my knowledge to kids who are interested in Computer Science from an early age.

What I work on in my spare time

Past projects

Let's share ideas!

Have an interesting idea and you need help in turning it into a reality? Or just want to have a beer and discuss software, books or football? Find me on the internetZ...